MFP Highlights

APA Alumni Fellow Sherry Dingman Publishes Two New Co-Authored Studies.
The American Psychological Association alum Sherry Dingman has recently coauthored and published two research studies, “Associations of Maternal Prenatal Drug Abuse with Measures of Brain Structure, Tissue Organization, and Metabolite Concentrations in Newborn Infants” and “Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts Internationally: A Call to Counseling Psychologists. The Counseling Psychologist.” For more information, contact Sherry.

APA Alumni Fellow Carolee Tran Publishes Her Memoir.
The American Psychological Association fellow Carolee Tran has recently published her memoir “The Gifts of Adversity: Reflections of a Psychologist, Refugee, and Survivor of Sexual Abuse.” This makes Tran the first Vietnamese female psychologist in America who is also a refugee and a survivor of priest sexual abuse. For more information, contact Carolee.

CSWE Alumni Fellow Jagadisa-devasri Dacus Publishes His First Article..
The Council on Social Work fellow Jagadisa-devasri Dacus is excited to share that he has recently published the first article from his dissertation that was supported by resources from the MFP.